Private mansion style villa in Sariyer Istanbul


Sariyer –which is the most luxurious place in the city – consists of all posh amenities in it. Nowadays, the town is a hometown of high profile people like doctors, lawyers, CEOs, managers, businessmen, artists who live in high standards. The reason why high profile people prefer to live in Sariyer is that Sariyer promises to every element Istanbul has. The town has a vast Belgrad Forest, oldtown meaning that it already has proper management, important institutions such as qualified hospitals, high schools, universities, historical and brand new-made Istanbul property for sale, elite population and of course, near the beautiful Bosphorus.

Therefore, the Istanbul real estate market for sale hosts numerous Sariyer mansions just like the other old towns such as Uskudar, Besiktas and Beykoz. The mansions in the Bosphorus fascinate people with their glorious appearances. 396 of these mansions are counted as historical artifacts. 136 of them are found in Sariyer. Beykoz is 109, 37 for Besiktas and 84 for Uskudar. So, we can say that Sariyer takes first place in Istanbul villa for sale. There is also some rating system on these mansions. They are classified as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class mansions. According to the classification, There are 42 first class, 74 second class and 21 third class mansions found in the town. 60 mansions out of all found in the Bosphorus await the new hosts. The price of mansions changes between 4.5 million $ and 95 million. The last mansion was purchased by Qatar.

The history of mansion living style is based on the late Ottoman era after approximately the 1880s. Those mansions – some of them were designed by worldwide Russian, Italian and Greek architects – was hosting to top generals, the children of Sultan Abdulhamid, a worldwide Turkish doctor who explored the Behcet disease named with his name ‘’Behçet’’, the most famous electronic engineer that light up the whole Istanbul in the early Republic era and more. Each mansion has its own history, numerous important people not only for the country but also for the history of the world.

Additionally in the past, two close mansions that one of them was smaller and located in the backyard of the bigger one to use winters were found. So, the main mansion which is near Bosphorus counted as ‘’Summerhouse’’ while the smaller one was ‘’winter house’’. However, just a few mansions also include a smaller part these days.

Nowadays, the mansions are hosting the most top local and foreign businessmen throughout the Bosphorus. However, some of them are used as a luxury restaurant and important workplace as well.